"Jennie, what a beautiful and most fitting memorial service. It would not have been possible without your help, your creative ideas and suggestions, your guidance through the most difficult process of planning this farewell ceremony for our son. We couldn’t have wished for a more perfect service. Or celebrant.
The eulogy you wrote was also beautiful. And at the memorial you told his story with a kind and loving demeanor that gently took us all on a journey through the moments of his life. Your words brought tears, but many more smiles, and many, many fond memories. Your ability to acknowledge the sadness of death while directing hearts and minds to the joy of life is truly a gift.
I know this memorial will be remembered by all as one that would have made our son proud. It certainly made us proud, and for that we are so very grateful to you.
Two words summarize my response to your inquiry as to whether the service honored him as we’d hoped: Perfectly and beautifully. How fortunate we were to have found you. Thank you, Jennie, for everything.
Sincerely, Rich, Marian & Brittany Evans

"Jennie does a great job of capturing the moments that one is sharing or celebrating and bringing everyone together who is there for the event to further enhance the meaning of the celebration. It is very emotional when you gather and listen to Jennie’s life celebration ceremony It is a bonding with the group that is there to witness it that soon won’t be forgotten. She encouraged us to add our own flare to the ceremony and designed it exactly how we pictured it.  A ceremony from Jennie at FreeBird Ceremonies adds that special something to a celebration, rite of passage, or a special moment you want to remember forever."

Dr. Dan
Orlando, Fl

"Jennie, thank you so much for the beautiful ceremony for our Cockapoo, Baxter. We honored his 18th birthday with the most beautiful ceremony ever.  I had no idea what to expect when I spoke to you about doing a ceremony in his honor. You put together his story from beginning to now in a way that exceeded our expectations. My heart was touched the moment you began to speak about how he entered into our lives. You recognized the people who have helped him throughout his life’s journey in big and small ways. Family and friends came together in a Mexican themed fiesta to celebrate his 18th birthday. I appreciate the photos, certificate and folder that you put together as a keepsake for us to cherish this special day. "
Orlando Fl

"This wonderful lady has performed two beautiful ceremonies for our family. Two very special occasions. "
Orlando, Fl

"I recently attended a party that friends of mine had for their aging pet.  They hired a lady to come do a ceremony for their dog’s birthday. She gathered everyone and spoke of the life of the pet.  She talked about things like when my friends got their dog as a puppy and stories of it being a part of their lives for the last sixteen years. The stories were fun and sometimes emotional but very entertaining. The lady (Jennie) even presented my friend’s precious pet with a framed award.  The ceremony was a lot of fun for everyone and was a great addition to the party. I highly recommend using Jennie from FreeBird Ceremonies for just about any celebration. "
Orlando, Fl

"Thanks to Jennie Landau for that very amazing ceremony for Baxter. I had some tears in my eyes and it was very touching and moving and the lantern going up in that beautiful sky are amazing. 18, you go Baxter, we love you!! "
Orlando, Fl


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