We love our pets and consider them members of our family. Animals provide companionship, acceptance, emotional support and unconditional love during the time they share with us. Ceremony offers a way to celebrate our pets and animal companions throughout their lifetimes by having the opportunity to accept responsibility, bestow a name, pay tribute with storytelling, or create a lasting memorial.

Whether we mark their arrival into our homes with a family welcoming and naming ceremony, a birthday party, honor specially trained service animals as they retire from their working lives, or celebrate their lives with a memorial service, a ceremony offers us a way to acknowledge the special relationship we have with our pets. 

Welcoming and Naming Ceremony:


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​Cherish Your Life Events 

Welcome your pet to your family and home.

Assign guideparents --- a wonderful way to have children make promises to their new pet. 

Introduce your new pet to their furry brothers and sisters.

Present a gift

Honor your pet’s lineage.

Dedicate your pet’s special place(s) in your home --- sleeping and/or eating area, or any other location that is reserved for your pet.